5 Facts About the Statement Necklace

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1. Its origins have been traced back to Egypt and Rome. Fast forward to the 1920’s when Coco Chanel produced her collection that was later followed by the cocktail era of the 30’s and 40’s. 

2. By definition they are chunky, unique and attention grabbing. Its meant to be the defining piece of an outfit that draws attention to the wearer, thereby making a bold statement.

3. Can change your outfit from drab to fab. Many people shy away from it because they’re intimidated. Newbies should ease into it with smaller more discreet pieces then graduate to bigger bolder ones. The good news is that it can be played up or down to fit any occasion. 

4. It can be worn with a blazer, motorcycle jacket, tank top, t-shirt, long maxi, collard shirt, simple black dress, v-necks, round necks to name a few.

5. There are many types of statement necklaces: collar, choker, multi layered, geometric, fringe, floral, beaded, art deco, woven, multi chain, chunky…get the point? Add color to the mix and the variety is endless.

IF you’re a beginner this may help: 

  • Keep the rest of the look simple.
  • Only pick one piece of statement jewelry per outfit. 
  • Follow the lines of your top. If it’s a scoop neck, look for something more scooped. V-neck, try a v-lined necklace.
  • Avoid making the neckline look too busy by not pairing the statement necklace with clothing that has too many details.

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