Why Women Wear Hats

Posted by Mignon's Treasures

Knit cap, scarf, winterDid you know that many years ago head coverings were used as a symbol of status and authority? Later women began wearing head coverings for more practical reasons to protect themselves from extreme heat and cold. For obvious reasons, the material of the those head pieces were different such as straw, felt and knit. During the war era between 1900-1920 women began wearing hats for utilitarian reasons as part of uniforms which made its way into the fashion industry as inspiration for some of the earlier styles. The use of hats continued throughout the years on and off making a huge come back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Since then, we’ve seen different styles emerge such as caps, beanies and hoodies.Today we adorn our heads for at least two reasons: to make a fashion statement, and for practicality. We know that hats, caps, and beanies will never go out of style. Our store carries many trendy head pieces for women. Visit our website to see our nice selection of knit caps since they make wonderful Christmas gifts for someone special to you.

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