Hottest Ways to Wear Jewelry 2017

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As fashion continues it’s unique journey to innovatively cool, and creative styles, the accessory game is following right behind it. Jewelry trends are on the rise and and pushing the limits to what’s “allowed” in the rules of fashion. Thing is there are no rules, which is why this fall and winter jewelry trends are going to be a lot more avant garde. Mixing metallics, layers, and extravagant stones are what’s being worn most this summer. 


Mixing And Matching Metallic Rings

Wearing rings, is more of a style choice than a trend, and wearing rings on every finger has become a classically iconic trend. Mixing metallics such as gold and silver has often been viewed as “clashy” throughout the years. This year the rules of personal styling and fashionable choices have gone right out of the window. A major style people are going to play around with come this summer will be mixing and matching these warm tones together.

Statement Earrings

Making a statement is what art and fashion is all about. When summer ends we usually see statement necklaces come out to play. This summer, instead of statement necklaces people have been styling statement earrings instead. Tassel earrings for one, has made it’s way to the front of the line. Tassel earrings will definitely make you stand out, while adding an element of structure to the shape of your face. Other earrings that are known for stopping traffic, are hoops, statement studs, and drop earrings.

Layering Necklaces

Try pairing pieces that you love together from your very own collection of jewels. Feel free to even shop newer items to add. Starting off with a chunky, or statement necklace creates a great platform for inviting your other necklaces to join in on the fun. Thin single chains, or even double chained necklaces are a perfect pairing partner. The contrast of statement, and daintier necklaces joined together will ultimately add flare, fun, and sophistication to your style.

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