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It is true that most people make use of their smart phones whenever they want to look at the time and that is because they depend on their smart phones to accomplish their daily activities. However, you can still see individuals who wear good looking classical wristwatches. So for this reason, wrist watches can never go out of style, even under the fast growth of technology. Many reasons have contributed immensely towards the popularity of classical wrist watches in the modern world.

Convenience is one of these reasons why wrist watches will never go out of style or will ever be trendy, for instance, if you want to look at the time, you just need to turn your arm and this will save you the stress of taking out your smart phone. In fact, pulling out your smart phone amidst a conversation is considered to be rude and you should not do it. If you are wearing a wrist watch, you just need to have a quick glance at it in order to know the time. No one would even notice you did look at your wrist watch.

Among the many individuals who do wear watches are celebrities, bankers, teachers, freelancers, models and more. We’ve also noticed the coupling of beaded bracelets around the watch that creates a bold statement. We have a trendy wrap watch in our store to demonstrate how awesome the double up looks.

The Case For The Wrist Watch:

1. Wrist watches as collector’s items with sentimental value: Wrist watches have evolved along with time while still maintaining a good history. People have the interest of collecting masterpieces which belong to various generations. Wrist watches have become so popular among them. Also, owning the wrist watch of a deceased loved one can be considered as a great way to memorialize that individual. Individuals also prefer to give wrist watches as gifts to their loved ones because they can last for a long time as a loving memory.

2. Wearing a wrist watch can also be considered as a sign of maturity: In other words, men would rather look at their wrist watches to know  the time while boys would rather utilize their smart phones. If you want to exude the awesome appearance of being mature, you need to buy a wrist watch.

3. Watches Are Convenient: Smart phones do not keep you punctual. Watches do. A Wrist watch is the most easy and convenient method to tell the time. A fast way towards your wrist is a much classier method to keep tabs on time during a meeting or a date. Many watches are designed to look like bracelets and they can discreetly compliment an outfit with style.

How to wear your wrist watch:

  •  Wear your watch beside your wrist bone: Make sure that the face sits right next to the wrist bone on the outside of the wrist. Also, when you are standing, make sure that your wrist watch is visible beneath your shirt cuff. When wearing a long sleeved shirt, your wrist watch should only be seen when your arm is bent. Never wear your wrist watch on top of your shirt.
  •  Wear a wristband that fits properly: A watch should appear natural, comfortable, and also certainly not sloppy. It may be needed to adjust it as necessary so as to accommodate natural fluctuations in wrist size.
  • Never wear your wrist watch loose around your wrist: It should move up an inch and also down an inch on your wrist as you move. The face of the wrist watch should not slip to the side of your wrist.

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