What's In and What's Out This Fall 2017

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This season brings us another opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Pun intended. You most likely won’t have to toss everything in your wardrobe to get ready for the cooler weather ahead but with a few small modifications, you can get up to date with the latest fall trends in no time. Let’s start with colors. The colors that are in this fall are rich deep forest greens, oranges and mustard shades. Use these colors in your accessories such as handbags, jewelry, shoes and scarves to accentuate your outfit of the day.

Orange Bags

Then there’s the outer wear. Faux fur and teddy bear coats are coming back with a vengeance. The key to making this particular trend work for you is to make sure that it looks really fake. You heard us correctly. There’s no need to harm any animals to sport this new look and that’s a good thing.

We’re also seeing turtle necks under tank tops, cut off jeans in a straight line at the calf, jean jackets along with pins and brooches to add flair to jackets, sweaters and blouses. Contrary to popular belief brooches are not just for women over the age of 50 so wear them in multiples and have fun with it. Look for holographic accessories with regard to bags, wallets and pouches.

Okay, we’ve covered whats coming in style and now its time to cover what’s going out this season. You know those bandage dresses and skirts that fit tightly? Gone. Cold shoulder sweaters? Gone. Waterfall sweaters? Well, we’ve heard that they will still be around but worn differently. For example, adding a brooch to the front with a partial closure may do the trick.

So there you have it. Our run down of what’s coming your way this fall season. Remember, you can find all of your accessories in our store at See you there.

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